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Mission of Camargo Research, independent market research agency part of the Bcd Network, is to support our client's marketing decisions and to give an answer to the informative needs of the market operators through the employment of the most appropriate and innovative methodologies for collecting data.

What We Do

We are determined to offer a market analysis service which consist in generating, providing and orientating new decisional alternatives elaborated from the evaluation of the market potential and the interpretation of its trends.

Support to our clients’ decisions is based on the analysis of data collected in a rigorous and unbiased way and on the added value generated and requested by our clients to design new marketing plan. Quantitative, qualitative and quali-quantitative collecting data methodologies are used to give an answer to all the information needed for the analysis of our clients products and services, brands and communication, for studying the sectors in which they operates.


social climate; opinion polls; products and services development; image and brand identity; communication; satisfaction, loyalty and retention analysis; quality studies; pharmaceutical and healthcare; quantitative and qualitative metodologies; positioning studies; pricing; mystery shopping

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Our international vocation is boosted by the support of our Spanish and English mother tongue researchers among our team to best communicate and support our clients and partners in Europe and Worldwide.


We conduct national and international studies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry offering a complete range of research and consulting services to the healthcare sector.
Our mission is to listen to patients, doctors, payors, caregivers and other stackeholders to collect their experience and opinions -| more...

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